What if I wish to change the amount of my monthly contribution?  
You are welcome to change the amount at any time. Simply call or email us and we will be glad to assist you.

What if there’s a change with my credit card or my card has expired?  
Please call or email us a note informing us that you changed credit cards and we’ll update the information.

When will contributions be charged?  
The first charge will be on the day you submit the form and on the same day of the month going forward. If you'd like it to be charged on different day of the month, please enter the date in the field for it on the form.

What do I use for tax purposes?  
We will be mailing you a giving receipt at the beginning of each year detailing all your contributions. If at any time you would like a summary of your contributions, please contact us and we would be glad to send one to you.
Do I need to pledge each year to renew my Chai partnership?  
No, your monthly draft will continue at the current level unless you’d like to change or cancel it.
Thank you for becoming a Chai Partner and for your continued support of Chabad of Brandon!